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1220 x 2440mm Far Eastern Marine Plywood PEFC™ Certified

8' x 4'

1220 x 2440mm Far Eastern Marine Plywood PEFC™ Certified

Product Code: 84mp



1220 x 2440mm Far Eastern Marine Plywood BS1088 - PEFC™ Certified


Marine plywood is constructed in the same manner as any other type of plywood you find on the market. All plywood is formed out of thin pieces of wood and then sealed with a binder. There is not much difference between exterior plywood and marine plywood other then the binder used in marine plywood is formulated for water submersion. Exterior plywood can be used for the same things as marine plywood if it is properly sealed and treated. Interior plywood is made out of 3 to 5 layers of wood, while marine plywood and exterior plywood have twice as many layers. These extra layers do away with the voids found in interior plywood. The information below will share with you the best uses for marine plywood.

  • A high quality structural panel, performs well under external conditions.
  • Manufactured from a durable hardwood species
  • Good core veneer quality with very limited core gaps


Uses for Marine Plywood

  • Boats - Marine Plywood is pliable and can be formed into the structure of a boat. With proper sealing on the inside and out, the marine plywood will be completely waterproof.
  • Lake or River platform
  • Boat Dock
  • Deck
  • Bathroom and Kitchen walls and floors